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How to file for a temporary protection order in California

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Someone who’s been victimized by violence, stalking or harassment might be able to file a temporary protection order against the perpetrator. A TPO is a court-authorized document that instructs an individual to stay away from the person who requested the order. The individual must also stay away from places that the individual frequents, such as their home, school and workplace. A TPO can last up to 45 days, but if necessary, the filer can request an extended order that can last for up to two years.

Reasons for a temporary protection order

Many victims of domestic violence file for a TPO to keep the perpetrator from harming them or their family members. Domestic violence can include assault, threats of violence, stalking, harassment, property damage and killing an animal.

Some people request a TPO to ward off a person who’s been stalking or harassing them. They might also request an order if they’ve been a victim of sexual assault, or their child has been physically or sexually abused by the other party. An employer can request a TPO if an individual has been harassing their employees or threatening their business.

Filing for a temporary protection order

An individual who needs to file for a temporary protection order might wish to do so with the assistance of a lawyer. A lawyer can help a client through the process and fill out the necessary paperwork. If the situation continues the escalate, the lawyer could help their client figure out how to proceed so they can protect themselves and their family members. The lawyer might also be able to build a strong case that proves to the judge why a TPO is necessary.