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Restraining Orders: What You Need To Know

When you feel unsafe, it’s important to act quickly. There are steps that you can take to protect yourself, and The Law Office of Alicia C. Freeze, APC, can help you do that. We have worked with clients throughout Southern California. We will do everything we can to protect you. Our attorney truly cares about your well-being.

Helping Clients Feel Safe About Their Future

Many people never think that they will have to consider filing a restraining order. Because of this, it’s hard to know what your options are. Our firm is here to explain potential solutions based on your concerns. In general, there are three types of restraining orders:

  • An Emergency Protective Order is put into effect immediately, usually after the police are called.
  • A Temporary Restraining Order grants you space until you have a full hearing, usually a few weeks later.
  • A Restraining Order After a Hearing can officially last up to five years.

Unfortunately, harassment can come anywhere, anytime. Whether it is in your own home or at work, it’s important to remember that you have rights. Whether you are receiving verbal threats or are under the impression that someone has a gun, we can help. We also work with those who want to file civil harassment charges. Our attorney is committed to prioritizing your safety. When you are unsure of where else to turn, trust someone who cares.

A Strong Advocate For The Falsely Accused

At the same time, we understand that not all allegations of domestic abuse have merit. We meet false allegations with the aggressive legal action they deserve. If you have been the target of false allegations, we will do everything in our power to protect your parental rights, your reputation, your right to possess a firearm, your job and your access to your home and children.

Call Our Office As Soon As Possible

Whether you are in danger due to domestic abuse or have been targeted with false allegations, you need to call an experienced attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation and learn more about your options, call our office in San Diego at 619-363-5146 today. You can also email us by clicking here.