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Take Quick Action After A Drug Or Alcohol Crime Accusation

A drug or alcohol charge is a serious matter that must be handled with urgency and care. The consequences of a conviction are too harsh, which is why it is so important to speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer at the earliest sign of trouble.

At The Law Office of Alicia C. Freeze, APC, we know how to fight charges of drunk driving, drug possession and other alcohol- and drug-related offenses. San Diego defense lawyer Alicia Freeze is committed to helping people put these charges behind them so they can get on with their lives.

Fighting For Your Future

Whatever drug- or alcohol-related crime you were charged with, we can help. We defend clients against a broad range of criminal charges, including:

  • Drunk driving: We can protect your rights in all aspects of drunk driving (DUI/DWI) charges in California, including criminal proceedings and the administrative process of protecting your driver’s license. We thoroughly scrutinize all aspects of the stop and arrest, including blood, breath and field sobriety tests, to expose weaknesses in the state’s cases against our clients.
  • Drug crimes: From simple possession to felony trafficking and distribution charges, we can provide you with strong and effective drug crime defense in California.

We always fight for the best possible result. Whenever possible, we work to have charges dismissed. When that is not a viable strategy, we pursue reduced charges, alternative sentencing and other outcomes that place our clients in the best possible position for a good future.

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To discuss winning strategies with a knowledgeable alcohol and drug crime defense lawyer in San Diego, call our law office at 619-363-5146 or reach out to us online.