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Will you lose the right to carry for a domestic violence charge?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If a judge convicts you of domestic violence in California, you’ll have to face a number of penalties. You might be able to avoid jail time, but the repercussions will follow you long after the conviction. A domestic violence conviction could interfere with your life in a number of ways, including your right to own a gun.

Do you lose your rights to gun ownership after a domestic violence conviction?

In most cases, you cannot own a gun if a judge convicts you of domestic violence. There are a few exceptions: If you’re dealing with a restraining order, you might have to temporarily hand your guns over to the police and then collect them once the order has expired. Some states lack the necessary resources to collect people’s guns after a domestic violence conviction, but that doesn’t make it legal for you to own a gun.

Depending on the circumstances, a conviction might not stay on your record forever. If you talk to a criminal defense attorney, they may tell you whether you qualify for crime expungement or dismissal. An expungement removes the conviction from your record, allowing you to legally own a gun again. You might also find it easier to get a job when you don’t have a domestic violence conviction on your record.

How can you get a conviction expunged from your record?

Not all convictions are eligible for expungement, so you’ll have to talk to an attorney first. If you’re eligible, your attorney may help you file for expungement to get the conviction taken off your record. An attorney may also suggest other options like trying to get your charges reduced to a misdemeanor or an infraction. For juvenile crimes, you might be able to get your criminal record sealed before you become an adult.