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Dealing with child support and safety concerns during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Divorce |

If you have had previous problems with the way your ex-spouse has parented your children, letting that person spend time with your children is a top safety concern. These concerns can play a significant role in determining child custody in California and how much support you may receive.

Legitimate safety concerns

Generally, judges will listen to you if you have concerns about important issues, such as child abuse and any type of violence, whether actual or threatened, when determining child custody. You can expect a judge to investigate these claims before a decision is made. You can also expect California protective services to become involved in these circumstances when trying to come to an agreement regarding child custody and support. When this occurs, expect the appropriate agency to contact friends and neighbors to obtain more information.

Battling unfair accusations

In many contentious divorces, one party may end up facing unfair accusations from the other person. Make sure you have physical documentation that supports your side no matter what. Among the documentation you should have are police reports, medical reports and even court testimony to support your side. In some cases, a judge may order additional discovery and documentation to determine which side has a stronger case. Don’t be afraid of such proceedings as these can actually help you with your claim.

Protecting your children

Ultimately, the goal of all legal proceedings should be the safety of your children. The sooner that you share your fears with a judge, the better as you could possibly end up with a child custody/support agreement that benefits you based on current circumstances and a past good record.

Working with an attorney experienced in child custody and support issues could benefit you. Contact a legal professional today to help maintain contact with your children.