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A criminal defense that deals with mistaken eyewitnesses

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

The California legal system recognizes that mistaken eyewitness accounts are primary problems in wrongful convictions. When it happens, you need a criminal defense that challenges the incorrect testimony right away.

Eyewitnesses versus evidence

There are plenty of examples when eyewitness testimony leads to the conviction of the wrong person. With video evidence and other facts, on the one hand, there is the eyewitness identification or lineup selection that carries more weight.

In some situations, this eyewitness testimony can lead to a charge for something as serious as murder, false imprisonment, and even the willingness to enter into a plea agreement at the behest of the criminal defense attorney’s client who tries to minimize jail time they now think is inevitable.

The problems with eyewitnesses

The mistake of an eyewitness has a snowball effect. The authorities work on building a case against the wrong suspect. In the meantime, they discount pieces of evidence that do not seem to fit. Attorneys already know that eyewitness testimony can only be a part of the case, but it cannot be the foundation for its entirety. Moreover, there must be corroborating evidence.

Disastrous outcomes

Everyone heard about the individuals who underwent unjust imprisonment – sometimes for decades. They missed life with their families and have adult children who are all but strangers. While not all incidents of mistaken eyewitness testimony have such disastrous outcomes, it is essential to fight it as soon as it comes up. Victims of this treatment still face a stigma that they may have to bear on their jobs or in their neighborhoods.

If you need help with protecting your rights today, it could be best to discuss your case with an attorney.