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What should you know about shared custody?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Family Law |

Over the years, shared custody has gained notable support from many organizations across the globe due to global and lengthy studies supporting it.

It is important for parents looking into different custody types to understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of each one, including shared custody.

Shared custody benefits

Talking Parents discuss the benefits of shared custody. According to numerous studies done over decades, children who experience shared custody compared to sole custody often enjoy numerous benefits. This can include:

  • Fewer struggles with mental health issues related to the divorce specifically
  • Better coping mechanisms developed at a younger age
  • Healthier relationships, platonic and romantic
  • More stability through the turbulent years of adolescence

Children often benefit from having both parental figures continue to remain present in their lives even after the divorce. This sense of stability helps them to process the divorce in a healthier way and continue on in the aftermath with fewer troubles.

Who should look elsewhere?

However, shared custody does not benefit everyone. For example, if one parent physically cannot spend much time with their child, shared custody may be a moot point. This includes active duty service members or people facing incarceration.

If one parent does not have the child’s best interests in mind, then it might also be beneficial to opt for another method, too. Likewise, if a parent currently faces charges of violent crimes, abuse or neglect, they should remain parted from their child until the court case resolves.

In these situations, a family may be better off looking into other methods of custody.