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How do you tackle long-distance parenting?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Divorce |

Long-distance parenting is a hurdle that many parents are willing to overcome just to make sure that they both have a presence in their child’s life.

How exactly does long-distance parenting work, though? How can parents set themselves up for success?

Who opts for long-distance parenting?

2Houses discusses situations that necessitate long-distance parenting. Many people are in situations that require help with parenting, including but not limited to one parent serving in active duty military service, or a parent needing to move far away to care for an elderly, injured or sickly relative.

In such situations, it is not possible to have a traditional joint parenting venture, as this relies on the physical presence of both parents to a certain degree. However, that does not mean joint parenting is impossible.

In reality, parents can still have decent involvement in their child’s life, even at a distance. This is largely thanks to the evolution of technology and the ability it gives people to stay in touch even when miles separate them from one another.

Figuring out how to communicate

First, establish a communication schedule. Having some stability in communication goes a long way toward building sturdy relationships. If a child can expect their absent parent to call at roughly the same time on roughly the same days, it also gives them something reliable to look forward to.

Next, find out what the children prefer in terms of communication. Some like text, some like audio and others prefer video chatting. It is easier to connect with a child through the communication means that they like best.

Finally, retain a genuine interest in their life. While it is easy to get swept away by other matters when living far away, interest allows for better engagement and healthier relationships.