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How parents can increase their chances of winning custody

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Family Law |

Making a good impression in court can mean the difference between someone winning his or her custody battle and losing the case to his or her former spouse. Accordingly, a parent should take the case seriously and represent him or herself professionally even when not in the courthouse. Here’s what California parents should do to improve their chances of winning their custody case.

What parents should do to improve their chances of winning their case

When they’re fighting for child custody, parents should show that they’re willing to work with their former spouses to act in their children’s best interest. If they don’t, they may send the message that they care more about their own feelings than allowing their children to maintain a relationship with both parents.

Individuals should also be prepared to document everything, especially if they want to show that the other parent isn’t fit to raise a child. If someone makes claims about the other parent without evidence, the judge may assume that he or she is lying or exaggerating the situation to win the case. A person should provide hard copies of evidence of his or her interactions with his or her ex-spouse as well as that individual’s interaction with the children.

Where can parents find assistance with child custody battles?

During a child custody battle, a parent may find it beneficial to hire an attorney. A lawyer may be able to help someone decide if he or she should shoot for full custody or settle for a joint custody agreement. If the parent isn’t awarded custody, his or her attorney may be able to help him or her negotiate for fair child support and visitation rights. A lawyer may also help his or her client if that person needs to provide evidence that his or her former spouse is an unfit parent. Working with an attorney, a person may be able to make the best decision for his or her children.