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6 ways to show help for substance use as you pursue child custody

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Family Law |

Many people in California have substance use issues. Getting treatment can be helpful, especially if you are seeking child custody.

It does require careful attention so you can show your commitment to recovery.

1. Document your recovery

About 9% of Californians 12 and older have a substance use disorder. As part of your recovery, enroll in rehabilitation programs, outpatient counseling or support groups tailored to your specific needs. Document your attendance, progress and participation. They serve as evidence of your commitment to recovery.

2. Provide evidence of regular drug testing

Consistent drug testing offers tangible proof of sobriety and adherence to treatment protocols. Submit to regular screenings. Maintain comprehensive records of the results.

3. Get supportive letters or testimonials

Get letters or testimonials from healthcare professionals, therapists or counselors involved in your treatment. These professionals can verify your progress, compliance with treatment plans and commitment to recovery. Their statements can carry a lot of weight showing that you are ready for child custody responsibilities.

4. Maintain stable housing and employment

Stable housing and employment play major roles in your ability to provide a suitable environment for your child. Demonstrate stability by maintaining steady housing and employment situations. Provide documentation such as lease agreements, utility bills and employment records.

5. Participate in parenting classes or counseling

Parenting classes or counseling show your willingness to work on your parenting skills. They can also help address any underlying issues affecting your ability to care for your child.

6. Demonstrate consistent childcare arrangements

Get suitable childcare arrangements for times when you may be unavailable due to treatment or other commitments. Document these arrangements to provide assurance of your child’s ongoing care and stability.

Navigating child custody proceedings while undergoing treatment for substance use issues requires a strategic approach. With a few steps, you can present compelling evidence that you can handle custody responsibilities.