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What do you know about co-parenting successfully?

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Divorced parents may struggle to come to terms with their divorce and the thought of raising their child as co-parents. Despite the upheaval of life’s plans, divorced parents increase their chances of being great co-parents when they have the right tools.

Healthline offers tips for understanding what it means to co-parent. With the right resources and information, divorced parents and their children may soar.

Keep the focus on the child

Depending on the marriage and divorce, former spouses may harbor hard feelings toward one another. To make co-parenting work, both parties must keep their focus on their shared children and their happiness and success.

Release the past

Being a good co-parent does not mean divorced mothers and fathers must ignore their frustrations. Instead, it means finding a healthy way to express their frustrations with people other than their children and their ex. Friends, family and mental health professionals may serve as sources of comfort. That way, co-parents may reduce the chances of spewing contempt at a former spouse in front of their children.

Learn how to communicate

Despite how they may feel about each other in their post-divorce lives, co-parents must learn how to communicate with each other about their children. With every form of communication, parents should strive to be clear, respectful and concise. The spirit of cooperation could also help ease conversations.

Boundaries also serve as a communication tool. Co-parents should share when and how they prefer to communicate with each other and how often. Keeping messages brief and only discussing the children also helps establish healthy boundaries.

Co-parenting may only be as difficult as individuals make it. Getting the facts on being a great co-parent supports everyone’s happiness and peace of mind.