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Can social media affect your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Family Law |

Social media is a way for friends and family to remain in touch, no matter where they are in the world. It also allows people to vent their frustrations when going through a rough patch, such as divorce.

However, couples must be cautious when using social media during divorce. Even seemingly harmless statements could come back to haunt you during the proceedings, especially if they are related to children or finances. Here are a few ways you can avoid major issues.

Stop posting completely

The best course of action for former couples is to stop using social media altogether during their divorces. This offers two benefits. First, you will not need to worry about something you posted inadvertently coming up in court. Second, you can reduce some stress associated with seeing your ex on their pages, which is emotionally overwhelming during the divorce process.

Change privacy settings

If you do not wish to stop posting, you must change your privacy settings. Even unfriending friends and family of your ex is not enough, as it is possible to access a person’s pages when they’re not as secure as they could be. Make sure only your friends and loved ones have access to posts. You should also double-check that you removed any mutual friends you have with your ex.

Refrain from posting negative statements

Negative statements about your former spouse are especially problematic when you are co-parenting with that person. The judge could look at these statements as creating an adversarial relationship between you, which could affect the terms of the custody agreement. It is best not to discuss your ex at all, especially when it comes to their relationship with your children.