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Why do some individuals lie about domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense, Family Law |

Domestic violence continues to be a serious problem in the U.S. In fact, according to estimates from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, approximately 20 individuals every minute suffer abuse from an intimate partner.

Just as domestic violence is common, it is not exactly rare for individuals to lie about it. Unfortunately, if your partner falsely accuses you of domestic violence, you may face some serious legal penalties. You also may encounter significant social stigma. Why do some make up false allegations, though?


Your partner probably knows about the criminal component of domestic violence. Consequently, if he or she wants to punish you for an actual or perceived slight, your partner may lie about domestic violence simply to see you in handcuffs.


If you are in the middle of a messy divorce or child custody battle, your partner may believe it to be in his or her interest to falsely accuse you of domestic violence. That is, false allegations may give him or her an unfair advantage in your family law matter.


Your partner may not want to be the person who is responsible for the demise of your relationship. If he or she is trying to save face with relatives, friends or others, your partner may say you have abused him or her. Doing so also may give your partner the attention he or she seeks.

While you may not be able to stop your partner from falsely accusing you of domestic violence, you certainly do not have to stand idly by while he or she does so. Ultimately, preparing yourself to address the matter proactively may keep you out of trouble.